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2012-07-01 00:58 | 0 kommentarer

Hi everyone! It´s been a busy week, going back to work and catching up on "Blogging your way", this online class taught by Holly Becker and co-teachers;  that I am taking. Unfortunately class started about the same time as I went on vacation so I have not been able to participate the way I would have liked to be. Two more days of class the upcoming week. I have spent this week and weekend trying to catch up on all the lessons... So I have no card to share in this post, sorry about that. But for next week I have a really cute girl on a motorcycle for you!

 This class has really been so packed with information, tips, tricks and tutorials, my little pink notebook is full of so much valuble things to take into consideration and to-do-lists of things that I will work on to improve my blogging.

As many of you may know, cardmaking is my greatest passion and the reason I started my website in the first place in 2009, was actually to get a site for people to view my cards that I had up for sale. It took me a while (about six months) before I started blogging.

The reason I started blogging back then was to share my cards, give information about what supplies and techniques I used. Nowadays it means so much more... I put my heart and soul into my creations and I find so much joy and pleasure in the process of making these cards, and it warms my heart when my costumers and readers also fall in love with them. I am so proud to share them on my blog and to see that people from all over the world are visiting and viewing them too! I find it important to keep my blog a "happy place" and I personally get so NOT interested in bloggers who write all about their horrible days, weeks and jobs, how bad they feel etc, etc. I don´t ever want to go there myself, filling my blog with all negative stuff...So when I don´t have anything special to share besides the actual card, I just write about supplies and other useful information. 

I am a pretty private person and I have not been wanting to share too much personal information in my blog so far, but I will start working on writing my blogposts with a more personal touch. There is a difference there, I don´t think I realized that before. I hope you follow what I´m getting at here. 

  I will also try to "stop comparing myself to other bloggers". (it is really easy to do that...) That really got me thinking and I will stop doing that when in doubt from time to time and instead appreciate what I have to offer the world through my blog. And I will try to fuel and learn from blogs I like. Really valuble to me was/is the treasure chest of "Tips for blogging your very best", so many great advice, and by applying those tips I think that will take me way forward on my way to become a better blogger.

There are soo many things that I have learned during these four weeks, the audioclips were so interesting to listen to (and it was nice to get a voice to  Holly´s face, it made it so realistic and true!). The photoshop tutorials, I will try them as soon as I find time and I will be so happy when I too find out how to make those cool photo collages! This class has covered so many interesting topics.

Wow, this turned out be be a really long blogpost today, next time I´ll share some photos too! 

Thanks for stopping by today!


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