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Sticky notes!

2017-07-12 23:01 | 0 kommentarer

How cool and cute is the sticky note stamp from Mama Elephant?!!!


Even though the stamp set has its own cats and dogs I chose to use the kittens from the "Little Cat Agenda" set and the puppies from the "Little Dog Agenda" set, also from Mama Elephant for this card! 


They are just the cutest and makes me smile every time! 


I wanted the background matting to be colorful, so I decided to make my own "patch work"! That is using strips from scrap pieces of patterned papers, it is so quick and easy to do and it feels good to use some of those scrap pieces too, I have a full box of them!


The images and the grass are colored with Copic markers.


I added some Glossy Accents to the paper clips to get them shiny and metal like! I also added a drop or two of glitter glue to the frosting of the cake and to the pencil!


Thank you for stopping by today!



Tea time!

2017-07-06 19:56 | 0 kommentarer


The stamps I used when making this card was gifted to me by a dear friend who
purchased them on a trip to Japan! 


This is totally my cup of tea! My first idea was to color even the tea cups pink, but I decided
to color them in a brown-ish/rose color to go with the cupcakes.


To mix a couple of stamps together randomly is such an easy and
fun way to make a quick card!


The sentiment stamp is from the "Big greetings" set from Avery Elle.
The images are colored with Copic markers. I added some Stickles to the
cupcakes to make them sparkle for the birthday girl!


Thank you for stopping by today!



Puppy Parade!

2017-07-02 23:21 | 0 kommentarer


For this card I made a little Puppy Parade, using some of the puppies from the "Little Dog Agenda" stamp set from Mama Elephant.


I wanted to try something other than just arranging the puppies in a straight line this time, so I let them come together in a parade down a sloping hill!


The banner stamp, from the "Soiree" set is also from mama Elephant. I like to stamp them onto different patterned papers. I always keep a little stash in different colors at hand, as it is very convenient and so easy when they are prepared and ready, just waiting to go onto a card!


The green hill is colored with Distress Ink and the puppies and background are colored with Copic markers.


Thank you for stopping by today!



The right time is now!

2017-06-19 22:21 | 0 kommentarer


I started making cards back in 2005. I can´t remember what got me started in the first place, but I went to an arts & crafts store, where I purchased dark brown and white cardstock, red and white ribbon. I also bought two card making magazines for inspiration. Out of this stash I made my very first Christmas cards, post card style. I cut out shapes of gingerbread men from the brown cardstock. I glued everything together (little did I know that there were something called double sided tape at that time!) and my cards arrived at their recipients all warped... 

Almost all stamps available back then were wood mounted, and I remember thinking there were no idea for me to ever purchase a stamp as I didn´t know how to color.

I fell in love with the adorable Penny Black Hedgehog stamps though, every single one was cuter than the next. Luckily for me stickers were sold with these hedgehogs, cats and dogs and I was able to make cute cards using the stickers.


The first coloring medium I purchased was water color pencils, and I eventually started buying my first stamps, small, simple images that got away with a minimum amount of coloring!


The next coloring medium I came in contact with was the Polychromosos pencils. After a quick demo I decided I´d give them a try and they turned out to be perfect for me, easy to use and I liked the smooth result when blending them with gamsol. Slowly I learnt to color, by lots and lots of practice.


Of course I read and heard about the amazing Copic markers, but quickly forgot the thought of them as a) I didn´t know how to use them and b) I knew it was going to  be costly if I did learn how to use them!

A few years ago I purchased my first Copic Markers. I did know that to get a great result you need at least a light, a medium and a dark marker of the the same color group/family, but that must have totally slipped my mind as in the store I went for one pink, one red, one blue and one purple marker...  But you learn from your mistakes, right?! I had to go back and purchase several more markers to get my "groups" of color.  Before I learnt how to color skin, I used only E11 for skin and was content with that for quite a while! Now I most often color skin tones in darkers shades. My favorite skin combo is E13-E35-V17 and R83 for the cheeks!


Four years ago I took my first Copic Class, taught by the Copic Certified Åsa aka "scraphorse", a basic class, but I learnt so much and realized I wanted to know and learn more. The venue where this class was held was located a two hour car ride from my house (one way) and I thought it was too far away, especially when driving on winter roads. I started to look online for classes instead as it seemed convinient to take a class in the comfort of your own home, any time, day or night, and I found the Online Card Classes, coloring class "Copic Markers For Card Makers! I can´t recommend this class enough, and Sandy Allnock is a coloring Super Star!


For quite some time now I have had my eyes on the Kit and Clowder online coloring classes after taking the free online class Alcohol Markers 101, and I said to myself I am going to sign up for a class when "the time is right", but after reading Alyce´s blog post today about Taking a Class Even When You Don't Have Time, I have decided that the time is right, now, even though I just started a new job, I feel like I don´t have enough time, I have a thousand other things I ought to do instead. But card making and coloring is one of my favorite things to do, it satisfies me, it challenges me and it makes me happy!


Every time Kathy Raccosin announces that it is time for a new 30 day Coloring Challenge I do a little happy dance, as it encourages me to take time for me and my coloring, if only for a short amount of time every day. I don´t partcipate every day of the Challenge, as life gets in the way now and then, but every day I do participate I am so happy I did! And by signing up for one of Alyce´s classes I am taking time for me and what makes me happy! And I can´t wait to learn from her, learn new tips and tricks, challenge myself and after lots and lots of practice, hopefully I will see some improvement! I am so ready to take on the Clothing Technique Class!


I love this Uptown Girl stamp "Ava loves to celebrate" from Stampingbella, but I really struggled when coloring her dress. I am not satisfied with how it turned out and I almost decided to add polka dots to it, to take away the focus from the coloring. This is why I start by taking the Clothing Technique Class before the Hair and Skin Technique Class And I am so much looking forward to progress when coloring this dress again, later on. One of my goals is to be able to color her dress looking all fluffy with beautiful creases and pleats!


Thank you for stopping by today!



Hello, hooray, whoo hoo!

2017-06-14 22:44 | 0 kommentarer


Today I share another set of mini cards!
Perfect size (8,75 x 8,75 cm) with the cutest of mini cats and dogs!


These stamp sets from Mama Elephant are sooo much fun. The tiny cats "The little cat agenda" set and the dogs "The little dog agenda" set are incredibly cute and all of them, 20 in each set, are doing their own thing!


As they are really small, the process of coloring is quick!


They are all so, so cute but I think my favortite of the dogs is the little guitar player! And my favorite of the cats is probably the one carrying the cake, or the one wearing her crown and tutu! It is so hard to chose as they all put a smile on my face!


The grass and the sky are colored with Distress Inks and the cats and dogs are colored with Copic markers! The sentiment stamps are from the "Many Everyday Messages" stamp set from Hero Arts.


Thank you for stopping by today!



Mini cards, Hi!

2017-06-11 20:22 | 0 kommentarer



Sharing a super short post tonight!
I just had to make some mini cards using some of the cats from the "BB Cool Cat" set from My Favorite Things! Wanted to kind of shrink the big card I made a few weeks ago (May 16) down! 


The cards measure 8,75 x 8.75 cm, to fit envelopes (not shown in the picture though), measuring 9 x 9 cm, made with the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. I prefer colored envelopes but crisp white ones are perfect too! 


The cats are colored with Copic markers. The "Hi" stamp comes together with the "Penelope has a pencil" stamp from Stampingbella. Love that tiny stamp with the powerful little word!


Thanks for stopping by!



Tiny kitties, Birthday Card!

2017-06-07 19:01 | 0 kommentarer


From the moment I first saw these little cuties, the tiny kitties, "Little Cat Agenda" stamp set from Mama Elephant I knew wanted to add them to my collection of stamps. Heart melting with sooo much cuteness! 


They are really tiny, not much to color on each of them! I find them totally adorable, just look at the one wearing her little tutu! Cards made with these and sent are going to be true Happy Mail!


As the kitties are so small I didn´t want to make their fur too busy, I decided to make a few of them the same colors.  


Kitties are colored with Copic markers, the circle is colored with Distress Ink.


Thank you for stopping by today!


Flower girl, thank-you card!

2017-05-28 20:05 | 0 kommentarer


This is actually a thank-you card. I wanted a clean and simple layout, but a card with many details! But not too busy! Crazy, huh?! Soooo.... this is what I came up with!


Stamp used is Uptown Girl "Pippa loves to plant", from Stampingbella. Colored with Copic markers, and a white gel pen for the polka dots.


I added strips of polka dot paper on both sides of the image, a white frame was cut out and to that I added a lot of glitter!


I used flower punches to make the flowers, and I added shiny, fuchsia colored brads to the centers of the petals.


I like at least two layers of petals, for dimension and for color. I carefully curl the upper petal so that you can see the the one beneath. I also like the petals to be of different colors and patterns.


Thank you for stopping by today!

 ♥ Tina


Mini cards!

2017-05-25 11:52 | 0 kommentarer


I have been making some mini cards! The size is 9x9 cm, I think that is a really good size of a smaller card, as it isn´t too small. Perfect to have some on hand, so I usually keep a small stash! 


I like them colorful! I have chosen not to stamp any sentiments on these, as I like them to be neutral, for any occasion that may occur.


Hedgehog stamps are from My Favorite Things, the "BB Happy Hedgehogs set".


The tree stamp and the flower is from Reprint and the cat is from Tiddly Inks.


I have struggled a bit when coloring these hedgehogs, but finally I am pretty happy with the colors I used this time! Copics used are E43-44-50-59 and RV 10 for the cheeks.


The kitten is from the stamp set "BB Cool Cat", also from My Favorite Things. The cake is from the Stampingbella stamp " Bianca has a big cake", as I just needed the cake I cropped the large cake and used a smaller piece of it!


The images are colored with Copic markers and the backgrounds are colored with Distress Inks.
I have added glitter along the edges, on the icing on the cake and cupcakes, the flowers and the sun!


Thank you for stopping by today!



Scan N Cut!

2017-05-17 18:58 | 1 kommentarer


My husband surprised me with the best birthday gift ever, a Scan N Cut from Brothers. I am soooo happy! I mentioned the Scan N Cut to him and discussed the different models available on the market weeks in advance to my birthday, but my intention was to purchase one myself!

What made me interested in the Scan N Cut to begin with, when reading about it online, and reading reviews is that it seems so easy to use. I am a somewhat technical person, but I want the scan and cut process to be quick and easy. This machine does not need to be hooked up to a computer, you just plug it in and go!

What I also like about it is that you can chose to cut directly along the stamped outline or have it cut 1 mm outside the outlines, leaving a white edge around the image. I guess that it can cut out small intricate parts anywhere in the stamped image too, but for now I am grateful for it to cut the outlines only!


There are different models on the market, depending on where you live. Mine is a Swedish, European model CM900, if you live in Sweden you can find it here.

Below follows a super quick guide, roughly going through the steps I take when cutting out a stamped image!


Make sure the space behind the machine is clear as when the machine scans, the mat goes all the way through the machine, so make sure there is nothing in its way!


Place your stamped piece of cardstock on the mat, and load the mat.


Scan the image.

2017-05-17:8 2017-05-17:7

Chose if you want your image to be cut along the outlines or 1 mm outside the outlines.


Cut the image.


Unload the mat and carefully remove the images with the spatula.


The Scan N Cut cuts images out in seconds! Yay!!!


There are saving data options, for now I don´t save, but I do think that it is a great option.

I have just started using this cool machine and I am sure it has so many advanced cleaver features. But I am, for now, only interested in the scan and cut function. No more fussy cutting, I am in love with it already!


Thank you for stopping by today!



CASometry Challenge 3, final stage!

2017-05-16 21:52 | 2 kommentarer


As the last stage of the CASometry Challenge 3, randomizer came closer I was wondering what the last and secret final stage of the challenge would be! In last year´s challenge we used the same stamp set for all the five stages and for this challenge I thought we were using yet another stamp set...but to my surprise this was not the rule this time...


  1. For this stage you have to use the same supplies you used for making one of your cards for CASometry. So just look at your cards you made for four previous stages and pick one of them and use the same supplies you used there.
  2. We are talking only about: stamp sets, dies (both coordinating and stand alone), stencils and embossing folders. They have too be the same and you need to use ALL of them. Thus, you can not remove anything from the supplies you used, and add nothing.
  3. BUT! You can use any additional embellishments and techniques you want and any coloring mediums! This is up to you!


I finally decided to go with the cat card I made for stage 2. For this week´s card I used three of the cats from the " BB Cool Cat" stamp set from My Favorite Things, instead of one.


I have to confess I did try it out and stamped the kittens on a scrap piece of paper before I started to work on the actual card!


I did a lot of masking on this card and when taking a closer look I may think some of the cats should have been placed in front of another. But I was so happy when I was finished coloring all of the cats and pretty happy with how it turned out! The cats are colored with Copic markers.


Stage 1, one random stamp set + any geometry shape!


Stage 2, one random stamp set + using one stamp minimum 3 times!


Stage 3, one random stamp set + embossing!


Stage 4, one random stamp set + friendship!


Stage 5, use the same supplies used for making one of the previous cards!

The CASometry Challenge is over for this time. As always, Anna really is making me think outside the box and sometimes I have to take small steps outside of my comfort zone as she twist every new stage with different themes or/and rules for her challenges. 


Thank you for stopping by today!


CASometry Challenge 3, stage 4!

2017-05-09 19:15 | 1 kommentarer


It´s already stage four of the CASometry Challenge 3, randomizer, hosted by lovely Anna!
This is my entry for stage 4!


The challenge for this week is to pick 1 random stamp set + friendship.


My pick for stage 4 is the "Doctor´s Helpers" stamp set from Create a Smile Stamps, and I chose to let these little foxes represent the "friendship", along with the sentiment "Let me know if you need something"!


The background is created with Distress Inks which I drippled some drops of water onto! I fussy cut the foxes holding the band aid and adhered them with foam dots for some dimension. The foxes and the band aid are colored with Copic markers.


Thank you for stopping by today!



Cat tags, with lots of hearts and big hugs!

2017-05-04 22:32 | 0 kommentarer


I have been busy making tags, tags with a lot of love, a lot of hearts and "big hugs"!
Cats, cats, cats and a few mice as well!


The stamps I have used making these tags are from Paperie Ink as well as My Favorite Things.
I have used my two favorite kittens from both stamp sets!


I have colored them using about five different color combinations, (with Copic markers), so they wouldn´t look too much alike! At the back of the tags I have glued card stock in a variety of different colors, to get a bright, cheerful mix, with plenty of room to write a personal message!


Below is my favorite color combo for fur, for this little guy! I tried it on the sleppy one too but I couldn´t make it work.


I have added a small heart, to his chest for some more cuteness and a little more love!


I use these stamps all the time, for different projects, I never get tired of them!
The tag die is from Bo Bunny and the "Terrific tag" set.


Thank you for stopping by today and big hugs!

 ♥ Tina


CASometry Challenge 3, stage 3!

2017-04-30 18:32 | 2 kommentarer


For the third stage of the CASometry Challenge 3, randomizer, hosted by lovely Anna, I made this card...


The challenge for this week is to pick 1 random stamp set + embossing.


I picked the stamp set "Woodland Wonders" from Avery Elle, and decided to work with the trees and the owl for this challenge.


I stamped the owl and the trees and heat embossed them, using gold embossing powder. My idea for this card was to get a soft,golden tone as I colored the images using different soft brown Copic markers.


At first glance, looking at this card it can be hard to see it the actual embossing, but when tilting it a bit, the golden outlines shows perfectly.  


I finished the card by adding a banner (from the same stamp set) with a sending hugs sentiment, also gold embossed, colored with Copic markers!


Thank you for stopping by, have a great day!


CASometry Challenge 3, stage 2!

2017-04-23 12:00 | 3 kommentarer


This is my entry for stage 2 of the CASometry Challenge 3, Randomizer, hosted by lovely Anna!
The challenge for this week is to pick 1 random stamp set + using one stamp minimum of 3 times!


I picked the stamp set "Cool Cat" by Birdie Brown and My Favorite Things, for this week´s challenge. I choose my favorite kitten and stamped (and masked!) him five times, to get a small gang of kittens! I colored them with Copic markers.


This is actually pretty funny, as Anna´s previous CAsometry Challenge last year was all about clean and simple, I have to admit I often struggle with keeping my cards clean, simple, one layered and so on, as I feel something is missing and they don´t seem finished to me if I don´t add layers, a flower here and there, sequins etc. I guess I am not the only one, as for this challenge she pointed out "no strong style rules this time - for many of us it´s hard to make clear CAS cards. Just make what you like". And now I have managed to make the most clean & simple cards I have ever made for both stage one and two! 


Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely Sunday!



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